We know that you will have lots of questions about where your dog will be staying. We try to answer most of the commonly asked questions here. If your question is not answered here then don't worry! You can get in touch for a friendly, no obligation chat, or you can book your Meet & Greet.

Common Questions

What is home boarding?

Home Boarding is as it sounds, boarding for your dog in a home environment. This means no kennels, outbuildings or cages, just living in a home environment as part of the family.

Is my dog suitable for home boarding?

Home Boarding isn't for every dog, for some, sharing their private space with multiple dogs can be very stressful. To help minimise this, we keep our groups small and only mix dogs who we feel with enrich each others experience. Home boarding generally suits social dogs well. If you have a nervous dog, get in touch to see how we can gradually introduce them to a home environment and build their confidence.

Does my dog need to be well behaved?

Yes, although we do not expect perfect behaviour from our dog guests, a certain level of behaviour is required as they will be living in our home environment. We cannot accept dogs who toilet indoors (excluding puppies), are destructive, hump, or are reactive or aggressive with other dogs.

Do you take large breeds?

Pending a successful assessment larger breeds can be accepted, but spaces for these are limited. This is for the comfort of our smaller dogs. All large breeds who come for assessment must be small dog friendly, have no history of jumping fences and not jump up at counters.  

Do you take large breeds?

Pending a successful assessment larger breeds can be accepted, but spaces for these are limited. This is for the comfort of our smaller dogs. All large breeds who come for assessment must be small dog friendly, have no history of jumping fences and not jump up at counters.  

Do you offer multi dog discount?

No, as a small business with limited spaces and high demand we are unable to offer multi dog discount.


Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed by the Shropshire Council achieving a 4 star rating. The highest rating possible for a new boarding business. Our license number is 19/01789/AIAL. You can find other licensed boarders in your area by contacting the Shropshire Licensing team on licensing@shropshire.gov.uk

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured for day care and boarding activities with Protectivity Insurance.


Is my dog allowed on the furniture/bed?

Absolutely! Our pampered pooches are accepted into our family and receive the same treatment as our own. In your onboarding form you can note that your dog is allowed on the furniture at home. If you have a training routine at home where you dog is not allowed on bedding or sofas, let us know, we can keep this consistent if required.

How much space is there for my dog?

Shawbury Paws is set in five acres of private countryside land. This comprises of several areas the dogs use, our large garden, secure play area, and 3 acre walking field at the rear.

During their stay

Will my dog be left alone?

No, we don't believe you should be paying your dog carer to leave your dog alone and unsupervised. All of our dogs have constant human companionship throughout their stay.

What if my dog doesn't get on with the other dogs?

We perform behavioural assessments on all of our dogs to get a better understanding of what dogs they will mix well with. We only mix households together that we believe will get on together. We don't take any dogs with a history of aggression or biting. All dogs must be social to attend day care or boarding.

Meet & Greets

What are Meet & Greets?

Meet & Greets are the introductory meeting for you and your dog. They consist of the following:

  • Welcome and tour
  • Short walk in the grounds to allow the dogs to get familiar
  • Off lead time in the secure play area 
  • Any questions you may have
  • Filling in the onboarding forms
  • Welcome pack with further details
Are Meet & Greets complusory?

Yes, Meet & Greets are essential for the comfort of all dogs during their stay, as well as a regulatory requirement.

Will my dog be walked off lead?

No, by default we do not walk guest dogs off lead. Where appropriate, recall training leads are used to give dogs freedom but remain attached to them. If you would prefer your dog is walked off lead you will need to complete an additional waiver providing permission and accepting risk. 

Will my dog require an overnight assessment?

Yes, all of our new clients must undergo an overnight assessment to test suitability for the home boarding environment before a boarding booking can be made. The cost of assessment is £25.


Do you take puppies?

Yes, puppies are welcome for day care or boarding. They will require completed vaccinations in order to attend.

Does my dog need to be house trained?

Yes, all adult visitors must be fully house trained. Young puppies are an exception to this as it is expected for their age.

Do you take unspayed bitches?

Yes, we understand that neutering is a personal decision or the bitch may be too young to have her operation. Bitches are unable to be boarded with intact males so you may find availability is more restricted. We cannot board bitches who are in heat or due to come on during their board.

Do you take intact males?

Yes, we understand that neutering is a personal decision. We only take one intact male at a time and they cannot mix with unspayed bitches so you may find that availability is restricted. Taster sessions are required for intact males in order to carry out a more in depth behavioural assessment. This allows us to monitor for certain behaviours. We do not accept males who hump, mark indoors or are aggressive to other dogs. 

Do you accept titre testing?

Yes, a valid titre test which is no older than three years can be accepted in lieu of vaccination record. The test must be in date for the full duration of the board.


How do I make a booking?

Once your dog has attended a meet & greet and passed the assessment, you will be able to book for boarding & day care. You will need to know your preferred drop off and collection times at the time of booking. We will try our best to accommodate these within our daily routine with the dogs. Boarding bookings require a 50% non refundable deposit at the time of booking in order to secure your dates.