Meet & Greet

All new of our new furry clients must go through the meet & greet process. These are complimentary meetings for you and your dog to see the premises, meet Ted, and ask any questions you may have about their care. We like to take our time with our doggy guests so we ask that you plan up to an hour for these.

This also allows us to make a short assessment on behaviour, and gauge their suitability for home boarding. If your dog exhibits any undesirable behaviours during the meet & greet, we may request a longer trial with them to ensure they are the right fit. Trials are mandatory for entire males or anxious dogs. Not all dogs are suitable for home boarding environment so if your dog does not pass our assessment please do not take it personally.

Due to our high remand and limited spaces, please make sure you have reviewed our Prices before booking your meet & greet appointment.

Note: For insurance purposes children under the age of 16 are unable attend these

Meet & Greets typically use the following structure:

Shawbury Paws welcome and premises tour

The dogs are first introduced together outside with a short walk in the grounds

They are then provided off lead time in the secure play area

A chance to ask any questions you may have

If you are happy, we will fill in your dogs onboarding forms

When you are ready to book your Meet & Greet, either get in touch or fill in the form below and we will contact you back. On the day, you will need to bring your dogs up to date vaccination card or valid titre test, microchip details and insurance policy.

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